6 Types of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Sample of stylish monument signs enhancing business visibility

What business signage is best for you? Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or draw more people into your establishment, here’s a breakdown of the common types of outdoor signs available and how they can benefit any business.

Types of Outdoor Signs Business Owners Need

Outdoor signs are often the first impression you get to make. These six types of outdoor signs for your business help strengthen brand awareness and communicate your brand identity.

There are many types of outdoor signs that business owners can use to improve their operations.

1. Monument Signs – Large signs built with construction materials. Very professional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Building Façade Signs (logo signs, cabinet signs, channel letters) – Signs that are placed above the entranceway to a business.

3. Wayfinding Directional Signs – Signs within or around your business that help direct customers to their destination.

4. Pole Signs – Large, highly visible signs that help attract and locate people in the surrounding area.

5. Electric Signs – Backlit signs that consumers can see more effectively, regardless of the time or season.

6. Window Graphics – Beautiful printed material that can be used to build your branding

Benefits of Different Types of Outdoor Signs

With this comprehensive set of signs, business owners can improve brand awareness and gain more visibility. Here’s why you should consider using these signs:

  • They’re eye-catching and grab potential customers’ attention.
  • They help to establish a business’s location, direction, and brand identity.
  • They can be used as tools for special promotions and to drive sales.
  • Consumers rely on them as references when researching products and services.
  • They contribute to the development of your business branding.
  • They’re cost effective compared to other forms of advertising.

Depending on the nature of your commercial space, you may need to use a different combination of these signs. For example, in a car wash, you may need a sign that will catch the attention of consumers in a moving vehicle versus a sign designed to attract individuals who are walking by.

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