7 Signs for Retail Businesses

Signage is an essential part of your business. Whether or not you have customers walking through your halls, signs are required to be legitimate.

A World of Signage Options

There is a wide range of alternatives when it comes to business signs. Most important thing is to understand your brand goals and business soul. Here are all the different types of signs for retail businesses.

1. Logo Signs/Storefront Signs:

A logo sign is exactly what it sounds like – a sign with your company’s name and logo displayed. These can be signs for metal, plastic, wood, or any other, well, sign-able material. You can choose what you want the business name to say and who manufactured it.

2. Window Graphics:

Exterior business signs for retail stores help your customers make purchases.

These include vinyl decals, painted window signs, and cut vinyl lettering. They can be used on any window surface and stick to the glass (no sticky residue).

3. Sales and Promotional Signs:

Sales and promotional signs are those used for advertising a sale, promotion, or new release. You can purchase these from vinyl companies or have them printed with a company that prints banners and other signage.

4. Interior Displays That Carry Your Brand:

These include displays for products, newsstands, and other industry-specific items. These can also be printed to carry your logo and brand.

5. Interior Wayfinding Signs:

These signs are used to direct customers through the halls. They can also be personalized with your company’s name or logo.

6. Wall Graphics and Murals:

Wall graphics and murals are used to add flair to an otherwise plain hallway or wall. They can be printed onto vinyl and adhered to the wall.

7. Safety and ADA Signs:

These include hand-washing signs, handicap signs, and other safety-related signage. They ensure customers know where to go in the event of an emergency and ensure employees’ safety.

Invest in Signs for Retail Businesses Today

Retail signs are a highly essential part of your business. With the proper signage, you can attract customers to come in and purchase your products. We can help you design and print retail signs for every part of your business at King Signs

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