Building Signs: Cabinet Sign vs. Channel Letters

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When you’re looking to add a sign to your business, one of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask yourself is if you want a cabinet sign or channel letters. In the battle of cabinet sign vs. channel letters, there is no clear winner. There are only pros and cons in both directions. It’s important to take a close look at both sides of the coin to see which one is more suitable for your unique situation. 

The Pros and Cons of Cabinet Signs

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Cabinet signs see usage everywhere, and odds are you pass dozens every day. Cabinet signs are a fantastic option when you want something eye-catching to put above the entrance to your establishment. These signs are one of the best ways to make your business visually appealing to the public. They can use custom lighting to make sure that they become the focal point of the area. It’s a fantastic way to draw the eye of any pedestrians passing by your establishment and bring them all in. The downside is that they can appear a little less professional than channel letters do. 

What About Channel Letters?

When it comes to channel letters, you’re able to give your business a professional, sleek appearance. These signs are more versatile than the alternative, and they’re a great way to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd. They’re constructed with a high-quality manufacturing process, so you know that these signs are built to last, and they’ll look great for years to come.  These signs are ideal if you work in retail or other high-traffic areas. You’ll distinguish your business from the surrounding ones with a well-made channel sign. The downside is that you’re probably going to end up spending more with this option. This professional image takes a bit more money for the desired effect.

The question of cabinet signs vs. channel letters is one that doesn’t have a clear answer, but hopefully, now you understand which is the best in what situations. If you still have questions, visit our website to learn more about how these signs can work for you.

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