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If you walk down any busy street looking at the signs above the different stores and businesses, you may notice some that stand out more than others. Businesses that use channel letters often attract more customers as they invoke a sense of modernity and professionalism. These three-dimensional letters can be used for any business and customized to fit any proportions or brand guidelines.

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People choose channel letters as their primary building sign because of their versatility. These can be customized to become illuminated or flat dimensional. When working with an expert sign designer, you can outline your needs and create channel letters to suit your brand. If you have a new logo or branding ideas, you can use channel letters shaped into any icon or image you need, even custom fonts.

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Channel letter designs are made by using individually cut metals that are flush-mounted right onto your building. The letters are then covered in durable acrylic coatings that can be customized in any color you wish, or they can be transparent if you are adding in illumination underneath. Whether it’s your slogan, your business’s name, or a smaller directional sign out front, these channel letters are captivating and modern.

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Channel letters are the ideal building sign if you are working in the retail industry and have a store in a high traffic area or an office building. Many grocery stores manufacturing facilities, churches, schools, and other organizations also use channel letters to help clients and customers see their store from afar as they can be made large or small or attached to already existing marketing structures and walls. 


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