Considerations When Designing New Signs

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Signs are a good way to market a brand or a product. They are visible, versatile, and affordable, which makes them a perfect promotional tool for small businesses in particular. However, not all of these tools are made equal, and you need to plan your new sign design carefully. Look at the “Home Page” of a sign company to know more about different products and their benefits. That will help you choose the best possible sign for your business. 

Considerations When Choosing a Sign 

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Your new sign design depends on several factors. You can have a tailored product based on your unique requirements. Here’s a look at some considerations:

  • Purpose – What is the sign’s purpose? Do you want to use it for branding? Providing information? Attracting attention from passing motorists? The look and content of a sign will depend on what a business needs from it. Create a list of priorities before working on the design. 
  • Size – Some businesses want small storefront signs, while others need something visible from a great distance. Pick the right size sign for your marketing purposes because you don’t want it to be too small or too big. 
  • Location – Businesses mount signs inside, outside, above an entrance, by the door, near a driveway, or even at a roadside. A sign’s location also has a big impact on its design. 
  • Environment – Your commercial property should have a consistent design and brand presence. That’s why it is important to choose a sign that fits into its surrounding environment. 

Consider all of these factors carefully and discuss them with an experienced designer before investing in a product. 

Considerations When Choosing Sign Materials

These fixtures can be made of a wide range of materials like glass, metal, wood, plastic, vinyl, and more. Consider the factors mentioned below before choosing a material for your new sign design:

  • Location – Do you want to install an outdoor or indoor sign? Outdoor fixtures must be more resilient and durable, while indoor ones must be more compact. Choose a material and design that fits your sign’s environment. 
  • Weather – Weather has a big impact on outdoor signs. If you live in a region with heavy snowfall, rain, harsh windstorms, or hail, consider investing in good quality, durable sign. 
  • Sunlight – Sun’s UV rays can cause extensive damage to a sign. Some materials can fade and look older in a matter of months if exposed to sunlight constantly.  

Contact us at King Signs if you want some advice on your new sign design. One of our experts will discuss your priorities and goals before coming up with a solution. Check out our reviews and hear from past clients. This ensures you know you will get the best service for your investment. 

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