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Improve your Construction Company's Visibility

Construction companies are heavily using signage every single day. If you own or operate a construction company, you will need signs that improve visibility, warn, and alert pedestrians and people coming and going from a construction site. By working with an expert sign manufacturer, you can ensure these signs stand out while promoting your brand.

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Signs for construction companies and sites in Minneapolis
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Improve Safety


Almost everybody knows that construction sites are dangerous, but people don’t know the exact types of present dangers. Using custom-designed signage can help your construction site be even safer for workers and pedestrians alike. Using signs that depict exactly the type of danger present, whether it is high voltage area heavy machinery or flying debris, will help let people know what’s going on to prepare themselves properly. You can also include branding and logo information on these signs to advertise your construction business.

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High Visibility Signage


One of the most common construction signs is the bright orange vinyl signs, which help alert people of construction zones. If your company has old signage or handmade low-quality signs, your site could be dangerous. If you work with King Signs today, you can ensure accidents don’t happen and that your signage is as visible as possible.

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Warning and safety signs for construction companies King Signs
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Grab Driver Attention


Driver’s eyes are glued to the road. They are not always looking out for construction signs but instead just driving forward. Using signs that are bold, large, and made from reflective material can ensure the drivers see your signs. These signs can also help keep your business legally protected, as it shows you are doing everything you can to alert anyone nearby of your operations. These are also going to be necessary should an inspector come and visit the site.

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