Custom Exterior Signs to Boost Brand Identity

Sample of stylish monument signs enhancing business visibility

When you are getting exterior signs for your business premises, you need to keep several different things in mind. If you have some existing signs that you want to retain, you will have to ensure that the new signs compliment the older ones. That will help create a more cohesive look on your property and a seamless brand image too.

It’s a good idea to upgrade multiple signs at once as that helps you maintain consistency in design and styling. You can also plan your interior signage accordingly at the same time. Branding is all about making sure that your logo and colors are included correctly in the signs.

You will have to plan the placement of the signs well, as they need to be easily visible from longer distances as well. This also means you need to select your exterior signs’ sizes with care. When you consult with a reputable and established signage company, they will keep all these factors in mind when designing and planning signs for you. They will also install the custom signs expertly, so they are durable and long lasting.

Types of Exterior Signs

There are different types of exterior signs to choose from, such as:

  • Storefront signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pole signs
  • Pylon signs

Consider your brand and your audience when choosing exterior signs to represent your business. If your premises is not right on or very close to the street or road, install pylon signs or pole signs on the road leading to it.

Since these are taller signs, they are easily visible even from a distance. They will attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike. You can then install a monument sign right outside the main gate on your business premises, and this will serve the purpose of advertising your business well.

Why Opt for Custom Signs?

While some signage companies offer standard solutions, it’s best to work with one that offers customized services. This is an important aspect because every business will have different branding and advertising requirements. The area available for the sign installation will be different, and that means you will need the signs to be of a specific size. Customization covers everything from material and color choices to styling and lighting. It means that you get truly unique custom signs that are perfect for your premises and a true reflection of your brand.

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