Custom Indoor and Outdoor Business Signs With Brand Synergy

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Custom business signs are an effective way to advertise many different facets of your company, from your brand’s personality and culture to its services and features.

But you can easily turn customers off or confuse them if your indoor and outdoor signs are mismatched.

Why Indoor and Outdoor Signs Should Have Brand Synergy

Brand synergy is a marketing term that refers to messages being consistent across different platforms.

In the case of custom indoor and outdoor business signs, messages may be consistent in terms of your brand’s identity or even its message. In other words, it means you’re not going to confuse your customers by using two different signs with competing messages.

For example, outdoor business signs that utilize your website’s same font and messaging may be an excellent way to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor signage.

How to Create Sign Cohesion

You can create sign cohesion by having your indoor and outdoor business signs match.

Use the same fonts: Don’t substitute hard-to-read fonts for better ones.  It may mean you need to brush up on your skills with specific software, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Use the same tone and style: If you want your indoor and outdoor signs to speak with one voice, they need to come from the same place.  A casual tone is not suitable for an office building lobby sign, for example.

Use the same materials: Since outdoor and indoor business signs will be exposed to different elements, use the same materials for both. That way, they will age gracefully and maintain their visual integrity.

Use the same color palette: Your color palette should also come from your brand’s identity.  If you’re a law firm that wants to project wealth and stability, for instance, then use lots of gold and black.

Invest in Professional Signs

These tips will help you create more brand synergy and a smoother customer experience.

For more information about custom indoor and outdoor business signs, contact us today. We can’t wait to help you out!

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