Design Exterior Signage With Surrounding Landscape in Mind

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Today, there is a variety of signs to choose from, including monument signs, window signs, storefront signs, window graphics, building signs, etc.

Wayfinding signs and directional signage are also useful in many outdoor spaces. With this in mind, it’s important to hire the services of signage professionals that offer customized solutions.

Exterior Signage Design

Custom storefront sign to solidify your brand identity

Designing attractive and long-lasting exterior signage involves planning it well. These are some aspects to keep in mind when designing and planning these features:

  • The signs you install in the outdoor areas of your property must be easy to read. Select the right font and size so that people can read the sign even from a distance.
  • Use the right branding – this involves using the right colors and style, adding your company logo and tag line if you have one. If the colors are bright, the sign will attract more attention to your business.
  • The surrounding landscape matters a great deal too. For example, if there are large, concrete structures in the immediate vicinity, you might have to add more colors or lights to the sign. On the other hand, if the standalone sign is placed against the backdrop of greenery or the open skies, you can potentially use more muted colors.
  • Depending on the type of sign, your logo, etc., you might want to consider using contrasting colors or even a contrasting border to lend the signage a distinctive look.

Exterior Signage

While it is important to have the right branding elements in signage for your business, you also need to keep its placement in mind. Some basic things to focus on include:

  • Make sure that the sign is placed at a location where it is easily visible to pedestrians and motorists alike.
  • If your business premises is a little set back from the road, you might need signs on poles or something similar, and then other signs leading up to your commercial building.
  • Illuminate the sign well so that it will be visible even after dark.
  • The one way to get the placement and design aspects right is to hire skilled and experienced graphic designers for the job.

Experienced designers will provide you with all the information you need and help guide your choices, so you have attractive, perfectly designed and positioned signs on your property. For more information on our exterior signage services, please contact our expert team at King Signs.

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