Essential Business Signs to Promote Your Brand

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Signage is one of the best ways to promote your business. Using signs throughout your building can increase brand awareness and boost sales. 

Essential business signs should be placed throughout both the exterior and interior of your building. This reinforces your branding to customers or clients who are visiting. They can enhance the customer experience and help to build a positive brand reputation. 

Types of Exterior Signage 

  1. Building Signs 

Building signs are placed on the exterior of your property to attract customers and build brand awareness. Placing them high up on your property means the signage can be seen from afar. 

  1. Monument Signs 

Another one of the essential business signs that you need is monument signs. These are usually placed in front of commercial buildings to create a bold first impression. They are often large, freestanding signs made from durable materials like concrete or marble. 

  1. Window Graphics 

Window graphics are an affordable promotional tool to place in the windows of your commercial building. Passersby’s can see them and entice them to check out your brand. Window graphics can be customized to include your logo and any specific promotions that you are running at the time. 

Types of Interior Signage 

premier reception and lobby signs Minneapolis King Signs
Use essential business signage to increase brand awareness.
  1. Lobby Logo Signs 

Lobby logo signs also contribute to a great first impression. They are the signs seen by customers as soon as they walk into the building. 

  1. Wall Graphics 

Interior essential business signs include wall graphics. They can be placed within your building to increase brand awareness and detail any specific information you want your customers to know. 

  1. ADA Signage 

ADA signs all those used to ensure everybody can read them. The signs include Braille or raise text and those that use larger fonts. 

For your essential business signs, contact our high-quality sign company, King Signs, to get a quote today.

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