Concise Signage for Hospitals

Hospitals can sometimes be one of the busiest places in any city. There are tons of different staff coming and going every day and many patients new and current. High-quality, clear, and concise signage must be used throughout the property as there are so many moving parts, things can become confusing.

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Hospital Grounds


Throughout your hospital grounds, having signs that show patients which part of the hospital they are in can help keep them from wasting time before an appointment. You can use wayfinding signs in the parking lot to ensure that people know where to go and keep them out of places that they shouldn’t enter. As there are sometimes restricted areas on the grounds of a hospital, using signs that stay illuminated at all times of day will ensure visitors’ safety.

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Indoor Directional Signs


Wayfinding signs don’t only need to be used outdoors, but also inside. Hospitals can sometimes be a maze of offices and labs, so you want patients to know precisely where they are and where they need to go. These will include directional signs that denote clearly where restrooms, receptions, and cafeterias are located. You can also put in arrows and different icons to accompany any written cues. As staff and patients’ health and safety are crucial in these facilities, ensuring everyone is where they need to be guarantees a smooth-running operation.

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Regulation and ADA Signs on hospital grounds - King Signs Minneapolis
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Regulation and ADA Signs


By working with an expert like King Signs, you can create regulatory and ADA signs that help people stay informed of different restrictions your facilities have. You may have no-cellphone use areas or no-loitering spots, so you’ll want to have signs that can keep people informed. King Signs also knows how to create signs that accommodate everyone, including those with specific accessibility needs that require unique ADA signs. 

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Patients and staff want to feel safe and supported at a hospital, and by using the right signage, you can help them feel this way. Contact King Signs today to get started.