How to Blend Function and Branding in ADA Compliant Signage

Regulation and ADA Signs on hospital grounds - King Signs Minneapolis

By law, all commercial settings must have ADA signage as they indicate that your business is accessible to all. These signs need a special design and have to be of a specific size, placed at certain heights, and have tactile elements, etc. The one way to make sure they are ADA compliant is to contact experienced operators in the field. Sign professionals are well versed with all ADA signage requirements and branding methodologies. It means they will design signs that showcase your brand perfectly.

Areas Where ADA Signs Can Be Installed

ADA Compliant signages work as effective wayfinding tools.

ADA signage is installed as a wayfinding tool, and they help visitors to navigate different areas of your premises. You can install them in locations including:

  • All the entries and exits as these areas need clear markings.
  • Parking lots will also need these signs, so that individuals with disabilities will know where the designated parking spots are.
  • Elevators too need ADA signage, so that disabled persons would know where to go.
  • Facilities’ signs are wayfinding signs to direct people towards areas and amenities like restrooms.

Designing ADA Compliant Signage That Reflects Your Brand Identity

There are various aspects to keep in mind when designing ADA signage, such as:

  • Use texture, materials, colors, and graphics to incorporate your brand into ADA signage.
  • Follow all the ADA rules to be compliant such as spacing, lettering, placement, size, and more.
  • These signs have to be installed in the appropriate areas and need to be easily visible to visitors to your property.

When you work with skilled signage professionals like us at King Signs, they will ensure that your property is compliant, safe, inclusive, and accessible. We are a leading operator in this space and can handle all types of ADA signage requirements. Our team will make sure that these installations are compliant, while still reflecting your brand image. When designing signs for the outdoor spaces of your commercial building, we will take extra care to use exterior-grade materials, so they do not deteriorate on exposure to the elements. ADA signage helps create a customer-friendly, all-inclusive business, and it’s the law, so do not neglect to follow these requirements. Rest assured that our signs will stand out, reflect your brand vibe while being coherent and attractive. For more information on our ADA signage solutions, please visit our Home Page and contact our team for additional details.

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