How to Customize Channel Letter Signs

Sample of one of our lobby signs that has a welcoming first impression

Even if you are located in the most prime location for the business market, you need some signage to inform people about your business’ nature and what they can get from it. Channel letter signs are the most common type of signage businesses use for their storefront, which has kicked out the traditional printed signage.

If everyone uses channel letters as their brand’s representation, how will it help you stand out, and why should you invest in it? Channel letter signs are customizable. This means you can design them to carry the intended image of your brand and combine it with elements to attract more customers.

Here are the ways you can customize the sign to represent your brand and compliment your storefront.

The channel letter sign placement & mounting are as vital as its design.

Customize to Represent the Brand

The visibility and readability of the signage is the first thing you should consider when customizing. Ideally, the channel letter sign should have the same font and color as your branding. It does not create a good image of a brand to have different identities to suit their application. So make sure the font is bold, straightforward, and readable from a distance, instead of stylized and fancy fonts that aren’t readable.

The color should also be the same as the brand identity. If the color seems dull and you think a pop-up will do a better job, you can have LED-lighted channel signs to stand out.

Customize to Compliment the Storefront

The channel letter sign placement and mounting are other vital aspects that you can customize according to your needs. Even if you have well-designed signage, the right placement and mounting technique will ultimately affect your channel letter sign’s effectiveness. You can mount the signage in three ways:

  • Raceway mount
  • Wireway Mount
  • Flush mount

While most businesses position their signs right above the entrance, the building design can force you to look for alternative places to position the sign.

Customized channel letter signs are highly recommended for all brands in today’s competitive market as building signs to attract customers and spread awareness.

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