How to Design Your Lobby and Install Your Lobby Logo Sign

Many companies don’t give the location of their logo sign in their lobby much thought, but it’s extremely crucial. While the majority of people will be able to locate your sign without too much difficulty, if you want to give your company the best opportunity to attract new clients, you should spend some time to ensure that your lobby logo sign is positioned as optimally as possible in your lobby. Here are some suggestions to assist you in choosing the best location for your lobby logo sign so that it is seen by as many potential clients as possible.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Your Lobby

The location of your lobby sign is as important as its design.

When designing a lobby, there are a few key considerations. You should be aware of the location of the reception desk and waiting area in addition to making sure your logo sign is visible. One of the finest ways to give your business a sense of professionalism and organization is by designing a lobby. It’s also essential that the signage is striking so that those passing by pay attention! Without adequate signage, customers would bumble around aimlessly, looking for a certain employee or office.

Make sure to provide enough room on the wall or in the doorway so that everyone who enters your lobby can see the logo sign. Don’t forget to include individuals arriving from other offices who might walk through your lobby in addition to those who are currently waiting in your reception area. This portion of the wall adjacent to your door is typically about three feet long. Make sure the logo sign is situated at eye level, where it can be viewed easily, and that it doesn’t obstruct traffic.

Setup of a Lobby Logo Sign

The location of your front desk and waiting area should be taken into account when installing your logo sign. If this location is right across from the entrance to your lobby, you should post the sign above the front desk so that everyone who enters can see it.

The text size and readability from a distance should be taken into consideration when developing a lobby logo sign. How many people are likely to visit it each day? Is there enough light here? Adding illumination is something to think about if the location where your sign will be placed lacks adequate lighting. Signs should be hung at or near eye level, ideally 5 feet off the ground. This makes sure that customers will immediately see your sign as they enter and exit your building, which is crucial if you want them to remember what your company does.

Any lobby area should have a specific amount of space that is clutter-free to prevent people from being impeded when they enter the building. It’s crucial to give them a cozy and roomy place to stand as they check in at the front desk.

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