How to Effectively Use Privacy Vinyl to Improve Branding

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As much as an office benefits from a productive environment, it can also garner some extra brownie points if it promotes the privacy and security of individual employees. Privacy vinyl not only helps in maintaining a healthy and somewhat private working environment but can also be utilized to help in the branding of your company. 

What is Privacy Vinyl and Where is it Used

Privacy vinyl can step up your indoor & outdoor branding game.

As the name suggests, privacy vinyl helps maintain an environment supporting privacy. They can either be in the form of etched glass (or frosted glass) vinyl or one-way vision glass vinyl.

Etched glass vinyl can be used for branding on internal office doors. The frosted window graphics offer the branded doors a more sophisticated and professional appearance than plain glass doors.

A one-way vision vinyl is a piece of vinyl with a few tiny holes in it, just like a micro-perforated mesh film. The holes in the film are quite small and close together. This has no impact on the image or graphic quality when printing on the film. A standard one-way vision vinyl has a printed picture on one side and a black back on the other, i.e., inside the window or room.

How Can You Take Privacy Vinyl and Make it a Branding Opportunity?

Etched glass vinyl and one-way vision glass vinyl let light in a while maintaining seclusion, making them an excellent choice for glass doors and windows, conference rooms, and storage areas.

Both types of privacy vinyl can also be contour cut digitally to produce custom patterns, graphics, and writing to highlight your brand logo, messages, and any content of your choice. They can step up your branding game and privacy all at once if used properly. 

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