How to Make Your Exterior Directional Signs Effective

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Every commercial setting needs some form of exterior signage. While certain properties might need building and parking signs, others require effective wayfinding and directional signs. The signage installed in the outdoor areas of your property help clients, customers, visitors, and guests find the areas, sections, and amenities they want.

Properly designed and installed signs makes navigating through the property easy, and prospective customers are able to spot your business location without much trouble. Many business owners and commercial buildings also need monument signs, which look impressive and welcoming.

How To Create Signage That Stands Out From the Crowd

Many things go into making effective exterior signage, such as:

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  • Incorporate your brand voice and identity in your exterior signs.
  • Add your logo and other relevant messaging.
  • Use good quality materials.
  • Add some lighting elements to highlight the signage.
  • Make sure that the font is not so stylish as to be illegible.
  • Select the right sign size and shape.
  • Add exciting graphics as these can create a positive impact on clients.
  • Placement of the sign is crucial as well and you must position it in a way that attracts attention.
  • If you have many signs on your property, you need to ensure they have the same styling and overall look. After all, you want them all to look cohesive, as if they are speaking the same language. This is crucial in having effective signs on your property.
  • You can choose a combination of materials for a better impact.
  • When installing exterior signs, you also need to take the landscape and immediate surroundings into account. The signs need to look impressive and attract attention, but should not stand out like a sore thumb.

If you want all these aspects in place when designing exterior signs, work with skilled and proven experts. They will take the time to discuss your requirements, making sure that all your preferences are kept in mind. The company will also provide you with high-quality signage that looks great, is durable, and makes an impact. At King Signs, we offer the best commercial signage services to clients from various industries. Regardless of what your exterior signage requirements are, we are here to help. For more details about our business signs, please contact us for a quote. Our experts are here to help you with all the details you need, so you have the signs ideal for your property.

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