Importance of Consistent Directional Sign Design in a Commercial Lobby

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Directional signs are some of the most important signs in a commercial property. They provide vital information to visitors and customers, ensuring they don’t get lost in the building. Businesses need to choose a good directional sign design to establish a strong brand presence and convey the right message. 

How to Create a Cohesive Commercial Lobby Sign Design

Custom signs offer a lot of flexibility to businesses, so they can come up with a design that fits their requirements perfectly. These fixtures usually contain a lot of information regarding the different brands, companies, or offices in a particular building. Every entity will want to establish their unique presence on the sign to ensure they’re easily identifiable. Here are some things property owners should keep in mind:

  • Customization – Customize the lobby directory to ensure it has a consistent look and feel, despite different brand names. 
  • Background Aesthetics – Make sure your commercial lobby sign design matches the surrounding environment. For example, ornate or old-fashioned fixtures won’t fit in with a sleek, modern lobby. 
  • Colors and Textures – Play around with different colors and textures to find a visually-appealing solution. These signs should attract people’s attention as soon as they step into a lobby. 
  • Simple and Consistent – Make sure the design is simple, because complex, intricate installations aren’t easy to remember or replicate. Your sign should be consistent throughout the property. 

Keeping these considerations in mind can help business owners develop an attractive, informative, and impactful sign strategy. 

Factors to Consider When Designing a Lobby Sign

There are a few other factors to look at while creating a lobby sign or directory. Make sure they aren’t permanent because you may need to switch out some company/brand names if a few businesses move away. Many properties have a high turnover rate, with new businesses coming in and out regularly. Most establishments can’t afford to create a new sign every time there’s a new tenant.

Several sign styles allow owners to switch information after installation. Instead of switching the entire fixture, you’ll only need to replace a particular panel. That cuts down costs significantly, while ensuring visitors get the most current information. 

If you’re curious about interior signs, speak with a reputable signage company. They will understand your requirements and offer effective solutions. They are also familiar with local regulations regarding accessibility for people with disabilities. Experts will make sure your directional sign design is compliant with these regulations. 

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