Making the Company Logo Sign the Focal Point of the Lobby

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Picture yourself stepping into the lobby of a new business. Now picture two different scenarios; in one, there is no signage or minimal signage. The lobby seems a little directionless and sparse. In the second scenario, the lobby has a large company logo sign as the focal point. This sign exudes a powerful presence and makes the guest feel as though they truly are in the headquarters of a company that knows what they’re doing. When you read these two scenarios, it’s probably obvious which one you want to be, so read on to learn more about why a lobby sign can make all the difference for your establishment. 

Why It’s Important to Provide a Comfortable and Confident Lobby Experience

First impressions matter, and your lobby is the first impression you make on a client when they enter your business. Having an impressive company lobby sign is a way to show how confident you are in your business. That confidence will impress itself on your customers. A company logo sign makes for the ideal first impression on any clients or customers who enter your lobby, and it’s worth the investment. 

What Kind of Signage Works Best?

When you’re designing the company logo sign for your lobby, you need to make sure that it’s impressive. You need dimensional signs and dimensional letters. You’ll want it to flow well and have a beautiful aesthetic. This sign needs to be impressive and powerful; it has to make a statement. 

If you need more information about lobby signs, then you need to check out our website today.  We’re happy to offer you a quote once you’ve decided what you want and get you well on the way to the lobby sign you need.

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