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Make a Statement with a Monument Signs

Storefronts are not the only places that need high-quality captivating signage. Organizations like community centers, churches, and corporate facilities all require signage to help their clients know they can expect a high degree of professional service.

Monument signs are an excellent way to go the extra mile and create a freestanding structure that speaks for itself. In addition to a building sign above your front entry, the signs can go at the edge of your property to create an impressive entrance that distinguishes you from other businesses and facilities in your neighborhood.

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Create Impressive Entries


An excellent way to create eye-catching and memorable signs is by opting for a monument style. These provide a sense of establishment, longevity, and experience. These signs are usually installed at eye-level and not raised above the ground, so you don’t need to put in supporting elements. 

As there are no unnecessary structures in place, these signs can withstand the test of time and stay on your property much longer than other types of signs. These are ideal solutions for a business looking to create an impressive entrance to its facilities while guaranteeing a lasting impact in the neighborhood.

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Monument Signs For Multi-Tenant Properties


If you own a large strip mall or multi-tenant facility, you may want to use a monument sign to outline the different businesses in operation. Whether it’s a shopping center or a business park, these features can help inform customers of what businesses are present and ensure people can find what they’re looking for without the extra hassle.

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Always Custom

Every monument sign from King Signs Graphics & Imaging is custom. Our team of experts and a large selection of materials will help build you a sign that effectively portrays your business’s values. Please consult with us today free of charge so you can determine the ideal monument sign design for your business.