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Create Function & Fashion with Privacy Vinyl

Custom signage isn’t just about improving your business’s appearance. It is a functional way to improve brand awareness, especially when you choose privacy vinyl. Privacy vinyl is ideal for businesses that need to cover up large windows but still want to use that space for marketing purposes. At King Signs, we take your businesses’ needs seriously, and privacy vinyl is one of our specialties.

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Heightens Customer Trust


If your business deals with sensitive information, whether it’s a bank or healthcare institution, you want to make sure that your clients feel they can trust you. With privacy vinyl, you can create an interior space that feels confidential and safe. Using privacy vinyl, you can cover up large street-facing windows, ensuring that those inside feel their privacy is taken seriously while also using the window for advertising purposes. By customizing privacy vinyl, you can turn a dull window into something indicative of your brand’s goals. The safer your customers feel, the more trust they will have in your business and workers.

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Functional Privacy


You can use your privacy vinyl to display pertinent store information, whether it’s business hours or services you offer. Many people think of privacy vinyl as a simple frosting, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to customization options. You can choose bold colors, expertly designed graphics, and images that are personal to your business and operations. These signs are a great way to provide customers with information that will get them interested in coming into your business while also highlighting any promotional offers.

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Advertising Opportunities


With privacy vinyl, you can make full use of an empty window, whether it is outdoor facing or an interior glass wall between rooms within our business. You can use these windows to display your business’s logo and get people thinking about your brand. There are endless advertising opportunities for this vinyl, primarily when you work with experts like King Signs.


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