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Professional signage is not solely for use in businesses. Schools can benefit just as much from high-quality signs. Signs can improve communication throughout the campus, encourage student involvement, and promote safety around the facilities. From indoor signs to outdoor signs to signs that help people navigate the campus, King Signs can help you with all your signage needs.

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Indoor Signs


Within your educational facility, you should be using high-quality signs to display images and banners to help promote school spirit. Vinyl banners can be a great way to enhance announcements and school events. If you want to put up any permanent signs, you may want to opt for something made of steel, wood, or that includes an LED sign, where you can change the message daily. Choosing indoor signs for a school working with a professional can ensure sign-cohesiveness across the board.

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Exterior Signs


Having exterior signs in front of your school is a great way to improve your presence in the community. As there are sometimes standards for these types of signs, you want to work with an expert who knows how to follow all the regulations properly. Working with an expert like King Signs can help ensure that the installation process is done right. They can also help keep you informed of any new technology or materials that will make your signs stand out.

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In addition to signs installed on the side of your school or monument type signs, wayfinding signs will be ideal for outside on the ground and inside. Wayfinding signs help keep people from getting lost. You can outline where the hotspots are located, like administration offices and restrooms. You can also use the signs to outline critical school information that people often ask for, such as office hours.


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To ensure all the signs on your school’s property are up to code and high-quality, work with an expert like King Signs today. With a free consultation, you can find out the best way to improve your facility.