Why Your Business Signage is Your Best Promotional Tool

LED channel letters showcasing energy-efficient and eye-catching signage solutions

Your business signage is your best promotional tool, and many businesses don’t put as much stock into it as they should. In this article, we’re going to go into detail on why your business signage should be such a huge part of your marketing efforts. Signs like this can help you define your presence in […]

Why Vehicle Wraps are Essential to Reach Local Audience

van and truck wraps Minneapolis King Signs

Using a vehicle wrap is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads for your business, and boost sales. It’s an effective and affordable marketing tool that gets your brand in front of your target audience without the need to spend a lot of money on paid advertising.  A customized […]

All New Signs for Rebranding Effort

Rebranding involves changing your company’s image or messaging. You can also rebrand specific products or services if you feel they no longer serve your business. Although it is a huge decision to make, rebranding can give your brand a new lease of life.  When is it Time to Rebrand?  There are several reasons why you […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Sign Company

It’s no secret that signage is one of the best promotional tools that any business can use. They help to increase brand awareness, attract customers, and boost sales.  When choosing a sign company, there are several factors to consider. It’s important that you choose the right company for your brand. You want a sign company […]

Why Dimensional Letters Are So Effective

Dimensional letters signs, also known as 3D letter signs, are an incredible marketing tool. They can be placed throughout your commercial building to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales.  Creating a 3D Effect Dimensional letters are unique in that they create a 3D effect, adding depth to the signage so that it stands […]

Complete Signage Solutions for New Location

creative custom signage King Signs Minneapolis

It’s always exciting moving your business into a new building. Whether you needed a larger workspace to expand your business, or you just wanted to try out a different location, it can give your brand a whole new lease of life.  However, when you decide to take your business to a new area, you will […]

Telling Your Brand Story with Business Signage

top monument signage company Minneapolis

When you’re thinking about how to weave storytelling into your brand, it’s not just your website, social media copy, and email campaigns that count. Having high-quality, personalized business signage is just as important.  Storytelling is a key part of any marketing strategy. It helps a brand connect with its customers by sharing its personal side, […]

Selling Your Brand and Business With Great Signage

Every company owner recognizes that if they want to create a profitable business, they must concentrate on building their brand. This is a critical part of every marketing campaign, and involves business signage installations. The right styles of signage, with purposeful and catchy messaging, placed in the right places, will increase market awareness, which leads to growing […]