The Best Placement for Exterior Monument Signs

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Monument signs are one of your best shots to make a great first impression on any prospective clients or customers. They’re the first clue a lot of customers will have that your business exists if they’re just traveling in the area. That is, of course, if you place them effectively. If you do that, then you’re going to be able to make the maximum number of impressions possible, and you’ll draw a big crowd as a result.

Where Is The Best Spot For My Monument Signs?

Monument signs can make the difference

The monument sign typically sits at the outside of your property but is still fairly close to the entrance. You don’t want it so far away that customers can’t find your store after seeing it, but you also don’t need it so close that it overlaps with your other signage. Choose an angle that makes it the most visible to pedestrians, as they’re one of your primary targets with signage like this. 

What Does My Monument Sign Need?

Monument Signs need to include all of the information that a pedestrian needs to draw conclusions about your business. You need to include:

  • Name of your establishment and corporation as well as your facility or building.
  • Include your logo or branding in a highly visible and visually appealing manner. This needs to serve as a visual marker for pedestrians in the area.
  • Make sure you match your monument signs to all of your other signage; this will help your customers find your business as quickly as possible. 

At King Signs, we know how important it is that your signage looks great and matches. Check out our website to see our offers, and contact us today to get your monument signs as soon as possible.

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