The Size of Your Office Lobby Signs Matters

An office lobby sign is an important marketing tool for businesses. It helps establish a unique identity while ensuring the area has a strong brand presence. Good signs are eye-catching, impactful, and fit in well with a lobby’s appearance. You can create custom signs based on your brand’s requirements to make sure they convey a specific message. 

How to Choose the Right Business Lobby Sign

A good sign is well-balanced, visually-pleasing, and relevant to the brand. Here are some expert tips to help business owners pick the best design:

When it comes to lobby signs, size does matter.
  • Size and Dimensions of Installation Site – The size and dimensions of your installation site are important considerations. A sign shouldn’t overwhelm the wall it is mounted on, so make sure there’s enough white space on all sides of the fixture.
  • Readability – Visitors should be able to see your business lobby sign from a distance and also while standing right in front of it. If the installation is too big, people will have to step back. If it is too small, it won’t be legible from the entrance. 
  • Property Requirements – Different commercial properties have different rules regarding lobby signs. They may have placed a few size or material restrictions. Take a look at these rules or speak with the property manager before investing in a sign. 

An experienced graphics designer can offer nuanced and effective solutions. Share images of the installation site with them to get helpful advice on things like size, color, shape, or composition. 

Considerations for Office Lobby Signs 

The property lobby is a crowded space that you have to share with other businesses. An office lobby is a more private area with no competing tenants. Once people get off the elevator, they should be able to see your logo immediately. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Make sure your business name and logo are impossible to miss. Place a sign on a wall that’s directly in front of the entrance. 
  • Choose a good mounting option like channel lettering, 3D lettering, logo boards, etc. You can discuss these styles with an expert and decide which ones are ideal. 
  • All signs should fit in perfectly with the company’s brand aesthetic. Maintain brand consistency in your office space. 

Speak with a well-established signage contractor to know more about interior signs. They have experience with graphic design, logos, and branding, which can help you come up with a good business lobby sign solution. 

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