Three Essential Elements for an Impressive and Organized Reception Area

Your business’ reception area is one of the first things people see when they enter your building. Its design, overall ambiance, branding, etc., needs proper planning. In addition to all these things, you also need the right lobby signs installed in this area. Visitors, clients, and customers will form their first impression about your business based on what they see when they first enter your premises.

Types of Reception Signs

The three elements an organized and impressive reception area includes:

Boost your branding and business identity with a lobby sign.
  • Logo Reception Sign – Every credible business has a logo that reflects its brand. People associate a logo with a specific company, and it’s an important part of branding. This makes it essential to have the right kind of logo reception sign designed. Placement is the other aspect that matters, and the sign should be easily visible to anyone entering the building. You can choose from channel lettering or other types of signage based on your needs. Opt for the right type of lighting to make the reception sign stand out.
  • Custom Lobby Signs – When it comes to lobby signs, you will find a wide range of options available. These could include the company name, tag line, and logo. Directional and ADA signs are also common features in an organized reception area.
  • Wayfinding signs – It’s crucial that you have the right types of wayfinding signs installed at the right spots. Every high functioning reception space must have this signage to help visitors and guests find their way easily to specific areas of the building.

How to Design Attractive and Functional Lobby Signs

There are various aspects to focus on when designing reception area signage, including:

  • Make sure that the signs are of the right shapes and sizes.
  • Install them at strategic locations so that everyone can see them easily. This helps create the right brand impact while serving directional purposes.
  • Do not overcrowd the signs and include only the relevant information.
  • Use your corporate colors and make sure that the logo placement is right.
  • Select appropriate lighting options so that the sign looks more impressive.
  • Opt for hardy materials that will last long and be easy to maintain.

Work with experienced signage professionals, as they will take the time to understand your needs. At King Signs, we use high-grade materials and install the lobby signs in line with ADA specifications. In addition to reception area signage, you can also get the right types of signs for the outdoor areas of your property too.

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