Three Ways to Light Your Exterior Signs

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Exterior signage is a crucial aspect of any business marketing strategy. Building signs attract the attention of passersby’s, imprinting your brand message in their minds. When you are planning on new storefront sign installations, opt for illuminated features.

Incorporate Lighting into Your Storefront Sign

Many people that already have storefront channel lettering wonder whether they can add lighting elements to it. The answer to that is yes – in most cases, lighting exterior signs is possible even in existing features. However, if you are planning to get new ones made, then discuss the various lighting options with the company that’s handling the job for you.

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Lighting exterior signs is possible even in existing features.

They will provide you with the details you need about the lighting options and will recommend which one will work best in your setting. There are three different ways to illuminate your building signs, and here we look at what they are:

  • Front-lit channel lettering – These letters will allow the light to shine out the front. It’s a great way to highlight the colors and font.
  • Backlit lettering – As the name suggests, in these, the light comes out the back of the installations, creating a halo-like effect. The front of the letters is solid, and that lends a distinctive silhouette to each letter.
  • LED lighting – This is a cost-effective way of lighting exterior signs and wayfinding signs. They shine the spotlight on your brand.

You can also opt for directional signs leading from your parking lot to your business premises, and these can help improve the safety and security levels on your property. Exterior signs usually benefit from lighting fixtures. You can add lighting to exterior signs such as wayfinding signs, pole signs, monument signs, and storefront signs.

Custom Designed Exterior Signs

It’s important that you consult with experts that will work with you, offer suggestions and advice so that your signs are effective in every way. They will focus on the style, design, size, shape, and colors, making sure that the lettering is proportionate to the location they are to be installed in. The company will also use high-grade materials in their work so that the signs can endure exposure to the elements, while looking great throughout the year. For more details, feel free to contact us at King Signs, and we will work with you to ensure that you get the best signage to showcase your brand in the right light.

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