Tips to Choose the Correct Placement for Exterior Monument Signs

Sample of stylish monument signs enhancing business visibility

Monument signs are one of the most visible sign option available, but not all placements are created equal. While some might think that a high-traffic location is the best choice, you should consider monument sign placement carefully. The best location will depend on your business, so it’s important to look at your marketing goals and objectives before choosing the ideal sign location. Here are some factors to consider when deciding on monument sign placement in your community or neighborhood.

How to Find the Best Placement for a Monument Sign

Well-placed, functional exterior signs are a great way to advertise your business.

Well-placed, functional exterior signs are a great way to advertise your business, as well as communicate with clients and other businesses in your community. The best location for your exterior monument sign depends on how visible you want it to be. A common misconception about monument signs is that they must be placed near major roadways. While visibility is important, placing your sign too close to a major roadway might make drivers think that there’s nothing else around but big box stores and chain restaurants (not exactly ideal if you own a small mom-and-pop shop). Instead, find out which roads people use when traveling between places like work and home — those are likely good spots for placement. You can also consider placing your monument sign at intersections along smaller side streets as well as near bus stops or train stations since those areas see high traffic volume at certain times of the day.

What a Monument Sign Should Include

How your exterior monument sign should look and what it should include is completely up to you. If you want an easy way to differentiate yourself from other establishments, create a symbol that’s easily recognizable and is already associated with your establishment. Some businesses incorporate old logos or symbols into their current ones in order to preserve history, while others choose to stick with a simple design of their business name or simply put their contact information on it. Many businesses also choose to have multiple signs so customers can locate them no matter where they are, inside or outside of their establishment.

Get Your Exterior Monument Signs from King Signs

When it comes to monument signs, many people are at a loss when it comes to knowing where exactly they should be placed. Fortunately, there are experts out there who understand how best to integrate exterior monument signs into a business or property. That’s why so many businesses turn to King Signs before purchasing anything and everything related to these sorts of signs.

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