Types of Office Lobby Signs to Reflect Your Brand Identity

Most companies recognize the importance of having attractive and impactful exterior signage for their office building. However, it is equally important to have properly planned office lobby signs as well. These signs, too, need to reflect your professionalism and branding, and it’s why you need to hire an established signage company for the job.

These creative professionals take the time to understand what your company does and what your specific branding requirements are. They also make sure that the design solutions they provide compliment your corporate image and make a great impact on customers, clients, visitors, and employees that walk into your office lobby.

Types of Office Lobby Signs

There is a variety of office lobby signs to choose from, and here we look at what they are:

  • Custom handcrafted dimensional logo signs – High-quality metals and other materials are used to cut and mount your logo on the lobby wall for a sophisticated and sleek effect.
  • Panel sign / Logo board – In this type of signage, a backboard is used to mount your logo and name, creating an impressive and dynamic effect. The board can help frame your logo and lends it a stunning look. These signs are also easy to move in case you relocate.

Materials To Consider for Office Lobby Signs

Just as you choose the type of sign with care and attention to detail, you also need to select the right material. Some widely used signage materials include stainless steel, acrylic, and metal. Most office lobby signs look great when they are lighted. These backlit logo signs immediately catch the eye. They lend a unique look and perspective to the place, creating a more impactful look.

Experienced signage professionals make sure that the signs are customized to your needs and that every aspect of them reflects your corporate culture and brand. In addition to the best office lobby signs, you can also get monument signs and wayfinding signs for the exterior and create the brand impact you want. Purposefully designed, good-quality signs create a great impression on anyone that sees them and tells people that you are serious about your business. Our team of experts will not only design the signs and offer their input on colors and style, but will also advise on the right placement, etc. This detailed approach goes a long way in ensuring you have the best signs for your office building.

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