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Promote your Brand with a Vehicle Wraps

When you think of business signage, do you often think of your storefront or office? One of the best ways to promote your brand and your business is by adding graphic elements to your vehicles. You can choose either a full vehicle wrap or a partial vehicle wrap when you work with King Signs. As a premier wrap provider in Minneapolis, we offer some of the best tools, knowledge, and resources to ensure you get the highest quality vehicle wrap that will be long lasting, durable, and attractive.

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Car & Truck Wraps


Whether you need one truck wrapped or some of your company cars, King Signs is the best company to do the consultation and installation. By adding car wraps to your business’s vehicles, you can take promotional material on the road. Mobile marketing is an excellent way to improve the reach of your company.

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More Than A Company Car


While useful for running your business errands and getting your workers from point A to point B, your vehicles also provide an excellent opportunity for you to promote your business. Whether the vehicles are parked in the driveway, at the grocery store, in a parking lot, or someone’s house, people will see the vehicle and know your business, especially if the right graphics are used. You should look at these vehicles as not just a company car, but instead a marketing tool.

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Perfect for Online Businesses


Online businesses often do not have marketing material out in their community. As most of their marketing is done online, they miss out on a whole other potential customer market. By getting a partial or full vehicle wrap promoting your online business, you can start gaining customers in never-before-reached places. As you probably don’t have a standard storefront, you don’t have signs out in the community for people to see your branding and logo. With a vehicle wrap, you can ensure that your logo and brand starts to make an impact out in your neighborhood.


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