Why Size And Placement Matter For A Storefront Sign

When it comes to showcasing your brand and making your business location more noticeable, your storefront sign design and placement have a big role to play. This sign says a lot about your business and the way you run it. A well-designed sign will tell people that you are particular and serious about how you run your store, and that will encourage them to walk in.

Aspects to Keep in Mind When Installing a Storefront Sign

Since signs are so crucial to your brand, you need to focus on certain things while planning them, such as:

When selecting your front sign, consider your store’s overall look and setting.
  • Size matters when it comes to signage, but know that bigger isn’t always better. The size of the sign must be proportionate to your building façade.
  • The store location is another important factor. If it is on a busy street with other commercial establishments adjacent to it, you might need something more obvious from up close. On the other hand, if you are set back from a main street, you might need some wayfinding signs to complement an attractive, bigger storefront sign.
  • Illumination is another crucial factor to keep in mind, and channel lettering or solid lettering that is either front or backlit can create the impact you want.
  • Where the customers are coming from is another thing to focus on.
  • Decide whether the building signs need to sit flush against the wall like channel letter installations, or if a blade sign would be a better option.
  • You will also have to decide where your sign will be facing to make it easily visible to passersby’s.
  • The overall layout of your storefront is another deciding factor in determining whether to center the sign over the front door. Sometimes, it can look unique when you place it on one side. This type of unexpected location can sometimes be more memorable and will attract attention.

Hire Professionals for Storefront Sign Installation

When you are making all these decisions, consider your store’s overall look and setting and decide how something will affect your brand. Skilled signage professionals are knowledgeable and can provide their input in these aspects. For details on our signage solutions and how we can help with all your custom sign requirements, please contact us at King Signs and discuss your requirements with our team. We will guide your choices so that you get the best return on investment.

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